Friday, November 18, 2016

My Dream Wedding!!!!!!

Harvest Party Costume ( super late)

So lately I have been finding myself obsessed with anything WWII and naturally I was overly excited about dressing up for our annual Harvest Party (we don't do Halloween).
After many ideas that came and went, I finally settled on "WWII agent", and ideas and grand plans started whirling around my head immediately, Goodwill here I come. 

  I started by combing every Goodwill store for suits that would match this particular time period. I came up with a beautifully colored pant suit, which fit me well enough.
  Of course I should also mention that I don't wear pants...ugh...first road block.
 The transforming of the slacks into a pencil skirt was perfect, and after many adjustings and slips to cover up unseemly lines and lumps, we did it!!

The shoes...ah...the shoes...this is a very long story, but to shorten it I will just say that I had been looking for them for months, I wanted a pair that were nice, American made, non 3 inch heeled, wingtip, oxford pumps that didn't have a ugly block heel.
 Yes, I'm picky...and no I didn't find anything.
 Discouraged, I thought I would finally have to give up my dream of the perfect pair of shoes...and then...behold!! Ebay, life saver, savior!!
 For $21.00 some glorious person in New York was selling a pair of the perfect shoes!! Only problem...I don't normally wear 8.5 sized shoes (9 is the normal size) and I have only had small luck fitting into 8.5 shoes in the past.
but I couldn't pass this opportunity up!!
So...I bid...and I won the bid...oh joy!!
Mama and Papa had their doubts, but we were all hopeful!!
They arrived...and I began the task of trying to get them on...they fit...perfectly!!
Happy day!!
They are my favorite shoes!!
Ah, this was probably my favorite costume of all times!!

Thanks for Reading!!
Love Abs!!

Friday, July 15, 2016

My latest pursuit has been to establish a YouTube channel and have a few subscribers!! Well guess what!! I now have five subscribers...don't you dare laugh. lol. anyway, check my channel out next time you're up at 1 or 2 in the morning watching YouTube. 

Here is the link...subscriiiiibe....liiiike!!!